Prenatal Yoga



A safe and thoughtful yoga and fitness class devoted to women in their first, second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Specific breathing exercises and relaxation techniques are included in the practice to support expecting mothers throughout pregnancy, into labor and post-delivery.

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90 Day of no Negativity Challenge!


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Summer Buddy Bootcamp

Ladies! Find a friend, get motivated and jump into the Summer season with OMCORE’S Buddy Bootcamp! Each Monday you’ll be burning, shaking, toning and strengthening with our signature Omcore Barre moves while each Tuesday & Thursday you’ll crank it up with Hot Core Fusion, Wednesday you’ll fire up your metabolism and torch calories with an indoor cycle session and Friday wrap it up with YogaSculpt!

This session runs from July 9- August 3, Monday through Friday, 7-7:45am for 189$ Once registered, you will receive an email about our 3-day Clean Eats Kickstart and more clean eating tips then opt to take before and after measurements on July 9.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER FOR THIS SERIES AND 100% ATTENDANCE BY BOTH PARTIES IS REQUIRED. IF YOU OR YOUR PARTNER MISS A CLASS, YOU WILL BOTH GET KICKED OUT OF BOOTCAMP! (If you know that you will miss certain days in advance, please let Patricia know and we will make a note of your expected absences). #thisishowwedobootcamp #accountability #expectsuccess

Only 10 spots open for this opportunity so sign up now!

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Full Moon Beach Yoga

Date/Time: Friday, July 27. 7:30-8:30pm. Our Full Moon Beach Yoga sessions are always a super special event! Held once a month on or around the evening of the full moon at Coast Guard Station beach on St Simons Island.

*Weather permitting* 

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Arm Balance + Inversion Workshop

Saturday, July 28

with Patricia 


You know you want to! In this workshop, we will warm up, move into a serious core activating session and explore the benefits of traditional yoga inversions and how to safely practice forearm balance. We will also discuss appropriate poses to lead you into your inversions, as well as modifications for each pose. All levels invited to play! *Please note that pre-registration is required and a 24-hour cancellation policy is upheld for this special session.

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